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19 November 2007 @ 08:43 pm
First icon dump!  
rakkieki rakkieki rakkieiki rakkieki

=D My graphics community. Join! (Though I can't make graphics to save my life oh god).

First (ish) icon posts. I liked, like, half of these. ^^;; The only thing I really liked is the Hitsugi header...alright. Enought about me.

[7]Sasuke (Naruto)
[3]Ulzzangs (Lee Chi Hoon + Mikki)
[2]Super Junior (Yesung + Shiwon)
[3]William Beckett (The Academy Is...)
[2]YunJae/JaeHo (TVXQ)
[3]Lee Jun ki

[1]Hitsugi (Nightmare)

Banner bases

Here @ rakkieki
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